Urgent SMSes for Emergency Situations

FLOOD ALERT! Evacuate the immediate area now. Check localfd.com/flood or reply for more information.
A panic button was pressed at 22, EC1 1BA. Deploy assistance to the area immediately.
Emergency Services have been dispatched to your location. Please remain where you are.
Fire alarm triggered on the floor below you, please stay in your apartment and await further instructions.
Instant Alarm Notifications
Real-time Weather Alerts

Deliver critical alerts and updates and resolve problems ahead of time.

Why PureSMS for emergencies?

Despatch Services Quickly

With near-instantaneous open times, SMS can allow you to despatch response quicker.

Reach Everyone

Over 93% of people have their mobile phones. Communicate quickly and often to increase calm.

ISO 22301 Certified

ISO 22301 Certified

For emergency SMS, you need reliability. Our BCP is certified against ISO 22301, we're here for you.

Emergency Challenges

In an emergency, communication is critical. You need to do it quickly and at scale to coordinate between response teams and people that may be affected by the situation at hand. SMS allows you to reach people instantly with concise messaging that can't be missed.

It's imperative that SMS is part of any emergency communication plan, whether just for alerts or for two-way communication with operational centres.

From localised direct-impact events such as alarms triggered in the same building, through to local area events such as weather, landslide, flood or otherwise, SMS guarantees the highest impact response.

PureSMS Features

Send SMS Online

Use our online portal to send SMS in seconds - bulk or individual.

Schedule Messages

Choose a time and date for your SMS to be delivered.

Powerful Developer API

Integrate your systems quickly with our powerful, high-performance REST APIs.

Easy Bulk SMS

Upload Excel or CSV files to send out mass marketing campaigns.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Get your own number to support replies direct to you.

Analytics & Reports

Track and monitor the success of your campaigns from anywhere.

Replies & Auto Response

Send and receive SMS using our platform, quick and easy.

Secure & Trusted

We use direct network connections, with audited security measures in place.

Instant Emergency SMS Broadcasts

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