High Performance SMS for your SaaS

High Performance REST API
Offer low rates to Clients
Two-way SMS for your own Bots
Just as secure as you are

Offer a low-cost, fast SMS Integration within your own product to increase customer satisfaction.

Why PureSMS for your product?

Ultra High-Performance APIs

We won't slow your service down. In fact we're the fastest API on the market, try us.

Partner with Us

Bill clients yourself with metering, or offer clients a lower rate direct with instant API Keys.

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We're a Microsoft Partner

We're a team of MCPs and seasoned developers. We do what you do, so we know what you need.

Certified for your Confidence

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified
ISO 22301 Business Continuity Certified
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certified

Improve your SaaS Offer

With PureSMS you can extend your SaaS with direct outbound communications in minutes using our REST API. Either control your own credits, with metered billing per client (API Key), or partner with us to refer your clients in to us directly and receive lower rates from the start.

Most SaaS products have a myriad of possible integration points for outbound communications, so why not let your product stand out from the rest?

When choosing an SMS integration for your SaaS product we know there are 2 things on your mind: 1. Cost to you and your clients, and; 2. Performance of that provider. With PureSMS you have access to some of the lowest rates on SMS, as well as one of the fastest SMS APIs available.

You can read more about using SMS for your SaaS on our blog.

PureSMS Features

Send SMS Online

Use our online portal to send SMS in seconds - bulk or individual.

Schedule Messages

Choose a time and date for your SMS to be delivered.

Powerful Developer API

Integrate your systems quickly with our powerful, high-performance REST APIs.

Easy Bulk SMS

Upload Excel or CSV files to send out mass marketing campaigns.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Get your own number to support replies direct to you.

Analytics & Reports

Track and monitor the success of your campaigns from anywhere.

Replies & Auto Response

Send and receive SMS using our platform, quick and easy.

Secure & Trusted

We use direct network connections, with audited security measures in place.

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